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Ebar Shabor Official Trailer | Saswata Chattopadhyay,Swastika Mukherjee

South Kolkata, midnight. An intensely plastered Mitali Ghosh was resigning to her cot chamber from a superabundant partying exactly when somebody calls her from behind "Mitu… " the mild voice views Mitali & she turns to look. Next morning she is discovered cut to death, killed in all brutality.

One that day Sukur, a savage destructive savage from the underbelly of Khidirpore is made to run for his life by Shabor Das Gupta, DD Lalbazar and his fitted side kick Nanda, additionally an officer of the Investigator Division. Be that as it may as fortune would have it, before Shabor could lay a hand on him, Sukur is run over by a speeding vehicle. Here it is paramount that we draw some light on Shabor. Shabor Das Gupta is a moderately aged cop of the Lalbazar Investigator Office on the wrong side of his 30s. With rotund cheeks & a puffy little pounch, Shabor is precisely not what the greater part of us would envision an investigator would be. He is clever, unforgiving & dependably wins the sun blurs.

As the office requests Shabor to take up the instance of the killed Mitali, a yearning painter in her mid 30's, compelled to casualty on the night of the gathering she had so verily galored to, Shabor & Nanda with a caution vision, obscure alert & obvious aptitude are just about compelled to institute their parts of getting down to the metal tracks in the attack of time that it gives every a physical power and individual profundity to the questionable people they are. Entrancing, as well, are the natures and subtle elements of different characters like Samiran, Mitali's Ex Mithu, her sister Joyita & her once spouse Pantu who swarm and sweat through an arrangement of falsehoods & misleading punctuated by some brilliant & slippery examinations & intensive addressing.

Then again things begins getting more entangled when Shabor incidentally unearths a secretive woman Julekha with a bunk bound dilection, who lets him know that she is however the girl of a cop. At that point there is the disclosure of some of Mitali's letters showing she had yet recently indicated indications at hitting her up Ex. Was it sheer forlornness or something else ? Astounds Shabor

"Ebar Shabor" is not only one more brainteaser in its own particular craziness disentangled and set up right. For it is a story of affection, lonely…  untouched, unaltered by slackness satisfaction of time. It's an affection story of Mithu and Joyita, where will denies to sob or sing, yearning refuses implore or curse, where the death toll is bewildered to the point, that it stays unconsoled by adoration.

"Ebar Shabor" is about the surge of Mitali's chest that neglects to put itself into Mithu's heart, its about the not well feted Mitali who did not know whether she and Mithu would ever talk, and in the event that they ever did, did not know how to express a confounded, however an immeasurably deep, underground and impossible worship lost in a memory where her spirit would be similar to a harp and his words and motions like fingers running upon the wires.

The end of it, in the same way as other affection stories, where riddle and tension amalgamate and get tossed into a marry, to mix together and incorporate, does not ventilate into an exemption, it picks not intimate the current situation with bias and hostility in the group of delicacy, that commits Mithu and Mitali. For it is in all its disheartening perceptions is loaded with puzzle, anticipation and Shabor Das Gupta's spine chilling examination of an emergency including a homicide. It highlights the Indian framework's "relationship" with politicization, security and promotion that closures in fraternize, grievousness and a vexation called Mitali Ghosh, whom time, the passerby and extreme radical, had let destroy miles b

Director: Arindam Sil
DOP: Sirsha Ray
Story: Sirshendu Mukherjee
Script: Padmanabha Dasgupta & Arindam Sil
Music Director: Bickram Ghosh
Cast: Saswata Chattopadhyay, Swastika Mukherjee, Abir Chatterjee, Ritwick Chakrabarty, Rahul Bannerjee, Deepankar De, Paayal Sarkar, June Maliah, Debleena Dutt, Subhrajit Dutta & Others.

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