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Sesh Anko 'The Last Act"

  • Release Date
  • Genre
    Crime | Mystery | Thriller | Drama
  • Short Description
    Based on the suspense thriller written by Sanjib Banerji, Sesh Anko is the debut feature film of Director Tathagata Banerjee.
  • Plot Outline
    A murder.
    A convict.
    A honest headstrong Cop
    And then steps in an old horse who is too good at the game!

    Now wait for 'The Last Act"
  • Starring
    Dipankar Dey , Parno Mitra , Samadarshi Dutta , Mir Afsar Ali , June Malia , Arindam Sil ,Shankar Chakraborty ,Deboleena Dutta , Atanu Barman ,Shataf Figar , Debaprasad Halder
  • Directed By
    Tathagata Banerjee
  • Written By
    Sanjib Banerji
  • Screenplay By
    Sanjib Banerji & Tathagata Banerjee
  • Produced By
    Macneill Media Pvt. Ltd .

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