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Nayanchampar Dinratri Final Trailer : Bengali film

“Nyanchampar Dinratri” (The tale of Nayanchampa)
‘Nayanchampar dinratri’ is a compassionate human document connecting two poles of our contemporary society -Rural and Urban. It records a day of a Maid’s life along with her younger associations.  The story revolves around ‘Nayanchampa’ (Roopa Ganguly), a middle aged lady representing thousands of women of rural Bengal like her. They start their journey in the early dawn and travel around 8 hours a day to reach the city, serve different households to earn their livelihood and return back in the night when they again work hard to feed their family. Through ‘Nayanchampa’ not only we get to see the suppressed sorrows and secret aspirations of different representatives of urban society in the present socio-political situation but  we also watch the hapless condition of women of rural India,  although, very often  they  remain as the sole bread earners of their family .
Film was shot in the documentary style during the monsoon, in the rain soaked city of Kolkata and around different suburb locations.   

  • Release Date
    November 28, 2014
  • Studio
    Kings Entertainment
  • Short Description
    The tale of Nayanchampa
  • Directed By
    Sekhar Das
  • Produced By
    Kingshuk goon & Koushik goon

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